A lifestyle of Intention

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

Everyday take time to write. When ink is placed on paper in form of the written word, something wonderful and amazing happens. Use your words to create the life you want. Words have power and we have the ability to exercise that power. We can write our own story.

We determine our own experience in life. Although God has a blueprint for our lives, he still allows us to have free will. He doesn’t snatch our lives from us. He is not a dictator. He is a Father. He wants to offer us guidance, but he wants us to expand and mature and make decisions for ourselves. With this being said our decisions should always take his thoughts, feelings, and desires into consideration. A lifestyle of intention means that you wake up every day knowing exactly what you want. You understand the path you’re on that will lead you to your heart’s desires. Life has so many forces greater than us at work. You can’t control the economy the weather, traffic, or people’s attitudes. The only thing you can control is how you respond to these things. The key is not to get distracted.

Remember the power of your thoughts and your spoken word. You must spend quiet time alone and really think about what makes you happy. Who you want to become and how you want to get there? Then write it down. Keep it in front of you. Use a calendar and a journal to keep yourself on track. Remember you can speak the word but it’s the intention that holds it steady. It can’t be this today and that tomorrow. Consistency is so important. Jesus was even tempted by distractions. The 33 years he walked the earth, he never lost sight of why he came. It wasn’t a cake Walk for Jesus. That is why you see him so often stealing away. Getting by himself. Spending time with his father. Maintaining his thought life. These are the very same things that we must do in order to stay focused and dominate our path.

What kind of life do you want. Do you like to travel? Then plan a trip. Put it on the calendar. Where do you want to go? Write about it in your journal. Do you want to spend more quality time with your spouse, children, and extended family? Then write it down. Plan it out. Do you want to lose weight or just be in better shape? Then write it down. Plan walks in the park. Go bike riding or some other activity. The point is to keep it in front of you. Be serious about the desires of your heart. This is when God steps in. This is when heaven opens and begins revealing to you how to get where you are trying to go.

We have to ignore the nonsense we see around us in the world and begin to create the world we want to live in. With the power that we have, the world has to conform to us. We cannot afford to conform to it. We are of the world, but we are not in the world. This crazy world we live in is there’s and they can have it. The world we want to live in is the one we pray for daily. The Lord’s Prayer intentionally added “Let thy will Be Done on earth as it is in heaven”. That was injected into the prayer by Jesus himself so that we would know that we are entitled to have and enjoy Kingdom Living. The only way to have it is to use our words on a daily basis and create it. Lets start our intentional living today and change our lives and the world one word at a time.