Victoria Stark is the CEO of "V's" Beads

As a Student Affairs Professional at North Carolina Central University, Victoria Starks decided to embark on her own entrepreneur journey. Over the years, she had watched her aunts wear waist beads and understood the history, culture, and meaning behind the tradition. She was fascinated with the practice and culture of it all and it led Victoria to introduce the beads to others. She began to make custom ankle bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, and waist beads. After a few friends saw the jewelry and the waist beads that she made, there was an increase in demand. Order after order started to roll in, so Victoria decided to launch V's. Beads in June 2020.

During the Pandemic, she had a little extra time to allow her creative juices to flow and set up her shop to make her beads available to everyone. She loves to design all jewelry but is most passionate about her waist beads. Victoria's designs are a beautiful authentic expression of culture and tradition. The beads are beautifully styled on a string worn around the waist. The string is laced with decorative crystals, charms, and glass beads. These custom waist beads are traditionally West African accessories but are now being worn globally for both tradition and fashion. They are symbols of wellbeing, fertility, femininity, and spirituality. Traditionally the waist beads are not for show and are meant to be worn under clothing. Historically the colors identified the various tribes, but now women prefer to choose their beads with intention. For instance, the color blue can represent healing and peace, while green can represent hope and prosperity. The beads can be fun to wear. They have a deep meaning and help with self-image and body confidence.

Anyone can wear them. No matter the shape, size, or figure type. Some women even wear them as waist trackers. The beads move up and down the waist depending on weight gain or weight loss. If you feel the beads getting too snug, it may be time to shed a few pounds. If the beads are loosening, you have probably lost a pound or two.

The beads are a beautiful and creative way to express your self-confidence. Some choose to get belly piercings, but for those of us "Like Me" that shy away from massive pain, waist beads are a welcomed option to decorate the mid-section. I love that I can have them custom-made with string or elastic. Also, I can choose my colors with intention. I love blue, and I would love to have one with all the different shades of blue.

So yes, I am a big fan. Remember to tap the link, visit Victoria's website, and show her some love. I can't stress it enough that we absolutely must support our entrepreneurs and creatives. I just wanted to shine some light on yet another young creative that decided to take a leap of faith and introduce herself and her product to the world. Good for you, Victoria. I love to write about amazing people doing extraordinary things. Welcome to The Ink Journey. Here is where we speak it, write it, and Live it.