Shay and Kay Production

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Shay and Kay Productions is a full-service production company and there is so much buzz and excitement around their new release “Unfiltered” that will be dropped this month. These two talented sisters have joined their gifts together to create and produce a 2-part documentary about young black women and love. This film is based on the pairs experience in balancing the transition from school, career, and love. The dating scene can be a challenging one for young black women entrepreneurs seeking to find that perfect someone. Watch and follow their journey as they navigate through the ups and downs of dating as millennials.

Shay and Kay Productions will release Part I of the documentary “Unfiltered” on YouTube February 26th at 8pm Eastern Standard time. Part II will drop on February 28th at 8pm Eastern Standard time on The Shay and Kay YouTube Channel. Keep your eye on these two talented sisters. They have great things happening.

SYNOPSIS: “Unfiltered,” Unlocking questions women are too afraid to ask men they seek romantically. A safe space to bridge the gap of miscommunication and vulnerability between men and women.

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Subscribe to The Shay and Kay Youtube Channel:

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