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No Creative Left Behind

On September 26th, 2022 history was made at Prime 255 on Granby Street in Norfolk. Batman and crew Darknight Entertainment hosted the official Virginia State of the Union. This historical fall night was a first step approach to assist Virginia’s very own musical artist and industry to collaborate with major stakeholders to reach success as an artist, creator, and business. The room was filled with stars, VIPs such as state elected officials, artists, DJs, Media Personalities, entrepreneurs, and business investors.

The state of the Union was a safe space for all to collaborate and speak on the execution of partnering and helping dream chasers accomplish their dreams. As senator Bobby Scott and Senator L. Louise Lucas attended the event to discuss the importance of music festivals, art shows, and venues such as Slowdive that demonstrate the power of community. Creatives have a broad influence, the events and places that drive a thriving creative should be protected. The value in collaborating music and politics is significant for Virginia, as the goals is to keep the talents here in house and still be successful. We must remember to vote during election periods outside of the primary election. It is critical that everyone votes for Mid-terms as those candidates have the future of the community in their hands.

This was a substantial move, after a recent Norfolk City council meeting addressing PH1 & restrictions affecting local creatives. The City council meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13th where all creatives in the community came to defend their creative talents and influence on their community. The creative community is huge in the state of Virginia, it is no surprise that major pioneers such as Missy Elliot, Pharrell, Timberland, DRAM, and more came from the state of Virginia. To exclude the creative community from the nightlife of Virginia would be devastating to the fans, the supporters, and the families of the creative community. This night was for VIRGINIA, the Virginia State of the Union needed to happen after exclusion. What is needed most is partnership and collaboration amongst the creatives, stakeholders, and politicians. The force can make an impact on the entire community in a positive way. What other way to collaborate and make tremendous changes than to join all entities that can enforce good change and bring the creative community up the ladder?

Strategy and method are the secret ingredients to the success of Virginia’s State of the Union. It is vital for the community to come together and give advice and communicate effectively. As the night went on there were words shared by influencers of the community. Key takeaways, “as an artist you must be consistent in your craft”. Virginia’s very own DJ Illmatic spoke on the importance of mastering your craft and networking. The event was a clear representation of the power of networking, and how it is the foundation of success. A reminder to those who are chasing their dream. Our duty as creatives is to remember that this is YOUR dream and you must study, practice, and execute diligently. Batman’s mission was completed, and this night was filled with brainstorming strategies and methods to help the community keep talent here in Virginia and succeed mainstream! This was a historical networking event and allowed those who normally would not come together to connect and integrate initiatives to achieve collaboration throughout the community.

As this should be the mission nationwide and internationally, this was a great step in the right direction for Virginia. It proves that if you stand for something it becomes greater! I have learned as a creative I must work every day to perfect my craft. This has been the most challenging as I have many responsibilities. I will say that I want to be successful and ultimately a pioneer in the creative community. Learning from those that are doing this daily has inspired me to form a plan of action and executing. Gratification after success is an amazing feeling, but instant gratification has a negative connotation when you think about it. Especially in the world of social media. As a young woman, it would be stimulating to have everything happen quickly including success. In an ideal world, it would be perfect. As I am learning more about my passions and creative capabilities, I know it will take time to reach great success.

Ultimately, the night inspired me to think bigger, it was filled with great energy. One conversation can take you a far way; but to have many meaningful and intentional conversations like the conversations that filled the room September 26th, left one feeling more influential and indomitable. A state of the union is vital to the community during this time of potential exclusion. “No creative left behind”, is the motto for the community it must be enforced by hosting events like Darknight Entertainment’s Virginia State of the Union as it revealed possibilities are limitless. The “sky is the limit” was the quote I used with an artist in the room, but they corrected me and stated, “the sky is just the view”. Touché, it is just the view, this is the beginning of an extraordinary revamp and I am proud to witness the growth.

What a way to light up the night by allowing those change seekers to use their powers together and speak on real issues. Though the night was meant for brainstorming I am expecting positive changes ahead that will protect the creative community. It is a positive approach, and all creatives are forming an alliance to strategize against potential negative impacts and scope out solutions to eliminate exclusion. This event was made for those who dream, apply action, and succeed. It was an honor to be in the room with like-minded individuals, those who dream big and believe in their talent, and apply pressure to execute their vision. Most importantly, an event such as Virginia State of the Union does not happen often. We must spread the word about this event as it was a monumental moment to unite and partner politically and musically. The results from efforts applied are not going to be overnight but with the help of a strong engaged community it is a cognitive approach to the success of the foreseeable future.


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