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Li's Favorite Virginia Beach Eats!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As you know, I am a newbie foodie here in the Virginia Beach area. The food here is so delicious, I do not understand how I can visit all the places, but I will schedule more weekly tours to enjoy the divine taste of Virginia Beach Cuisines. I must say, seafood is absolutely a delight here in at the beach and most of the food that I will mention throughout this blog is seafood because I am OBSESSED! The dining experience for each of the restaurants mentioned creates such an elegant ambiance that you must visit. My Mum and Aunt came to visit and what other way to greet them with open arms than to feed them? I took them along with me to the tour classiest, tastiest food tour they have ever seen. Let’s get into, shall we?

Orion’s Roof

The first stop of the tour, Orion’s Roof, is located on the roof of the Marriott Oceanfront. The food and scenic views of the ocean are stunning! On this Wednesday afternoon, we chose to sit outside and enjoy the crisp view of the ocean waves as well as the oceanfront views of the city and much more. It was a delight, Johnathan our host and waiter, were charming and patient, he made the experience finer, with great conversation and recommendations. His recommendations were picked with perfection.

We ordered the Tuna Sashimi, Spicy Lobster, and Shrimp Roll, and for myself, I ordered Orion’s salmon poke bowl. ALL were tasty with unique textures and savory tastes. Let us not forget the drinks, the white wine BR Cohn Chardonnay, Russian river, Peach Please, white rum, peach, 5 spice, lemon, and ginger bitters, and for our last drink HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, Tito’s vodka, lychee, lemon, and cranberry. The meal was superb. I AM A FAN!

TWIST Martini & Associates

If you follow my Instagram, you know I am a fanatic over TWIST Martini & Associates, the dining experience is always enchanting. The food is mouthwatering, the she-crab soup was delicious and a great starter to our main entrée, which were the flavorsome steak frites (ABSOLUTELY TASTY!). We also had an order of COLLASIAL SHRIMP, I put this in all caps as they are majorly huge and divine.

For drinks we tried the Apple Martini and the “what she’s having Martini”, the drinks set the tone for the delicious foods. TWIST Martini & Associates has an awesome team, super friendly and attentive. The best part about the bar, it could be filled with people chatting, but it is surprisingly very quiet. It is a great place to take a date, a family member, or friends to catch up. The ambience is very smooth, with the right amount of class. I say that this place is a 10 out of 10!

Montego Island Grill

It is a must to have Caribbean food in my household as much as we can, Montego Island Grill is the best choice for all your island cravings. My Mum and I stumbled upon Montego Island Grill, while on a hunt for oxtails that could be cooked and delivered. We searched all the food deliveries and found Montego Island Grill. I am Trini to de bone, and at times its very hard to find Roti outside of my birthplace Brooklyn New York, if you know you know. However, Montego Island Grill served curry goat and Roti!! That is when I knew this was the perfect spot for all our island food cravings.

The delivery is super-fast, not only that the food is cooked to perfection! For a night in, it is the perfect cuisine to feed your families. If you’re looking for a full course meal and don’t feel like cooking Montego Island Grill is the place for you! They have Mac n Cheese, Collard Greens, Yams and all the Island foods that you can think of. I recommend also dining in as the ambience is classy and brings so much nostalgia to fine Island dining. Montego Island Grill is the best for all your Island Cravings!

For now, I will leave you with these three. I have plenty of more but for now enjoy these for the holidays. All are amazing dining places to take family and friends over the holidays. Cheers to you! Now Let’s EAT!


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