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How to Regroup in 10 Minutes

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We often wonder what’s next in our lives. We allow our minds to wander off and questions of should have, could have and would have cloud our thoughts. What if we actually lived every moment in the present. How could we want more for ourselves in the future than we want in this very moment? Have you ever just considered what would be different if you lived your life as if you had exactly what you desired in the now? Consider your goals for the future and place them in your mind for the now. Close your eyes (No really close your eyes) and manifest that precious moment when you have reached those goals. It feels good does it not? Yes, your answer should be yes. It feels good because it eliminates the thought of failure and it dismisses the question of “what if”. If we eliminate our failures in our mind and delete the negativity that creeps in like a thief in the night we could certainly be free to explore the various opportunities that pass us by because of our fear of failure.

I have come to the conclusion that if failure were not an option and success was the only option, I could eliminate the idea of taking a risk. Risk is a terrible word! It can be really scary when you think about taking a risk or risking it all. This is a perfect opportunity to change your mindset and stare fear in the face. This is a lesson that I had to teach myself. Being a risk taker is something that I have always said that I am. I claim it because I don't even acknowledge the word risk. I consider the word taker instead. So instead of cowering away from the word risk, I embrace the word taker. This propels my mind into a positive direction. So then, if I want something, I'm going to take it. I am going to make whatever it is mine.

If we could have that aggressive behavior (as some people would say) we would be able to win more often than not. With this mindset, we will not miss opportunities because of fear but we will run towards what we want and secure every good opportunity that flows our way.

As an ambitious person, I feel that whatever is meant for me is meant for me. If I have this idea towards all things, then I will use my “risk taking” skills and secure everything that should be mine. I will not acknowledge the fear of failing because I am working diligently towards the things that i want. I am dropping these gems because in the times that we are in we must look at every dark and negative obstacle and see light. Flip the scenario and make it positive. Bring your discernment along with you, it is the strongest gift that you have. So, it’s time to make your decisions and do not be afraid of what comes next. Be ready, I know you’ve heard the saying “Stay Ready”, so you don't have to get ready. That saying alone, is showing that preparation for failure is vital in your success. You should be equipped for the failures. Replace them with the idea that you can turn them around and maybe even flip them into a “million-dollar idea”. Turn your lemons into lemonade, your rocks into diamonds and shine baby.

It is important that you keep success in the mind, body, and spirit. Eat and drink material and information that fits your unique ideas of success. Replace that victimization with fight and develop the mentality to get up and get out and get what's yours. Bring your A game, put your poker face on and get through this marathon. Life is short and precious. It's a delicate thing that we are all experiencing. Why not be the fighter in the story. Bring your reality to life and manifest those goals and don’t quit. I know that this may come off a little aggressive but how are you going to win if you’re not ready to play. Strategize, organize, and win your race!


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