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How to adopt a growth mindset

If you are stuck in your life and unable to move forward, it may be time for you to shake things up and get out of a fixed mental mindset. Search for ways to change your beliefs about the different areas of your life.

A growth mindset embraces the theory that the essential qualities that you possess are things you can cultivate and grow through focused and intentional effort. It solidifies that you are not a finished project - but a work in progress.

Adopt A Growth Mindset and Stop Fearing Criticism and Failure

What is a Growth Mindset? A growth mindset focuses on expansion. You become stagnant when you try to preserve existing situations by holding on to people and things that are not serving you.

Being stagnant also means you are in a fixed state of mind and not allowing yourself to see past your situation. This is very uncomfortable and can lead to feeling trapped. When we feel boxed in, it is impossible to be creative. Our situation becomes impossible to change because we are inside a box.

Fear is the Enemy

Frequently it is fear that is holding us back. Fear of the unknown is the biggest reason people don't grow and reach their highest potential. Some people are scared of failing or making a mistake.

Some are worried about what others will say. Remember that fear causes most setbacks and is the enemy of growth. It is essential to learn not to put so much emphasis on what others think and say. Concern yourself with your thoughts and feelings.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset will allow us to think outside the box. If we adopt a growth mindset, we will learn to embrace change and be flexible. We can't be afraid to color outside the lines. We have to be confident in the person that we are becoming.

Adopting a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is something that has to be nurtured and developed. Most people are not born with it but must condition themselves to stay focused on growing and improving. Even though we may be intelligent and talented, that does not mean we are growing and maturing.

A growth mindset comes from constant personal development and self-awareness.

It is not uncommon for people to master a growth mindset in one area of their lives but fail to use it in other important areas.

We here at the Ink Journey want to encourage a lifestyle of balance and inspire a growth mindset that will flow in every area of your life. If you develop the right tools, you can grow a business, a relationship, a family, and a legacy.

Balance is Key

Once we have adopted a growth mindset, we must take the same principles and use them in each area of our life. Everyone's goals are different, but the foundational ideas for self-improvement and expansion are the same. You can get unstuck and live an extraordinary life if you are consistent.

A Fixed Mindset Can Be Toxic

It's essential to come out of a fixed mindset. It's impossible to grow and change if we don't believe that things can be better. It is impossible to maintain a positive attitude if we are around people who are always complaining.

Getting out of a fixed mindset can be challenging. What usually happens is that a person adopts certain habits or patterns of beliefs tied to experiences that are often painful and unpleasant. These experiences convince the person that life is what it is instead of believing that life is what we make it.

It is essential to cultivate new thought patterns. The one thing that separates us from animals is that we have free will. We can choose our path. This can be both to our benefit or our detriment. When we make bad choices and spiral downward, we must reign ourselves in and "STOP." Most times, we are fully aware when we have gone too far.

Make the Shift

When we realize that what we have been doing is not working, we must make a shift. It is time to adopt new strategies that will help us out of a very fixed way of looking at ourselves and our life choices.

Sometimes we have to change our surroundings to get a new perspective of who we are. We have to remove toxic people from our lives and replace them with the folks that will propel us into our future. Don't feel bad about switching up. Everyone can't go on your journey.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

We have to be willing to embrace change. Everyone has specific fears and limiting beliefs that can keep them in negativity. It can often seem as though nothing good ever happens. We can become complacent and comfortable in lack.

Some people find it difficult to manifest anything because their thought pattern is too negative. They fail to earn the money they want and maintain healthy relationships. Despite all their effort, they can't seem to turn things around.

When this happens, it is imperative to begin thinking about - what you are thinking about. Think of every thought you have as a seed that you are planting. Your mind is the soil. Only plant good and positive thoughts, and you will reap excellent and positive rewards as your harvest.

When we enter negative thought patterns, we willingly enter a downward spiral. The situation continues perpetuating itself because you feed it with additional negativity. That is why it is crucial to control your thought life. A growth mindset makes you a forward thinker. You are always thinking about new ways to expand, increase and scale.

A Growth Mindset Requires Focus

If you want to focus on your growth, you must put your own needs first. Focusing on yourself may not be easy at first. No one wants to be accused of being selfish. However, it may be necessary to pull back from everything and everybody to determine what you truly want.

Sometimes it's impossible to think outside the box when everyone around us is in the box themselves. Permit yourself to take the necessary time you need to reset and focus. Remember that you are the one that is trying to make the change and meet your goals.

You can't do it if you are upset or stressed out. It sounds paradoxical, but the more at ease and relaxed you are, the more you will get done. So remember to put yourself first. Otherwise, you will find yourself doing routine and mundane tasks all the time in the name of 'progress.'

If You Believe You Can: You Can!

Creativity and optimism are also required to propel yourself to the next level. There is no way that you can establish anything worthwhile if you are constantly overwhelmed by others.

People can drain you dry, and that is why you must keep your focus on yourself and the goals that you have.

It would help if you did everything possible to expand your creativity. Get involved with something that is important to you. Take up a hobby, sing, and dance. Join the gym. Whatever it takes to feel good, keep those creative juices flowing, and believe that anything is possible.

Embrace Failure

You cannot avoid challenges and setbacks. Everyone makes mistakes. However, you cannot keep your focus on the past while trying to move forward. Shift your mind to the present and the current task at hand. Keep your mind free and clear to receive new ideas and clear direction.

Maintain a positive attitude in all you do, and above all else, focus only on what you want to achieve as much as possible and don't dwell on any weaknesses you might have.

Shift your mind, and don't allow past results to get you down. The world will give you what you focus on; therefore, focus on growth and expansion and leave all your problems behind.

Failure Can Lead To Sucess

Failure is inevitable, and we have to accept that truth. However, we want to learn from our mistakes to avoid repeating them.

By embracing failure, you are learning yourself and realizing that you are not perfect. We want our failures to be opportunities for growth, not a measure of our self-worth. It is important that we understand the value we bring.

We must look at our failures as part of our road to success. Keep in mind that failure and success often go hand-in-hand — success usually comes as a result of past failures. Embracing and examining our failures can lead to success down the road.

An important factor when building a growth mindset is appreciating the value of the journey. When you are fixated on an outcome, you can miss out on valuable learning experiences that can improve your professional development.

A growth mindset sees beauty in the struggle. Remember the butterfly struggling to free itself from the cocoon. It may sound Cliche, but the struggle does make us stronger.

Believe In Yourself

Having confidence in your abilities and trusting your decisions means believing in yourself. Knowing that you can add value to any task builds your self-confidence. This is important because you are the critical factor in whether you succeed or fail. The responsibility all lies with you.

Know that you are capable and believe that you are up for any challenge. These thoughts will free your mind and allow your creative juices to flow. Dreaming big and coming up with new ideas and solutions is impossible if you are drowning in self-doubt.

It would help if you believed in your ability to make things happen. Remember, the brain will do everything possible to protect us from pain. If we look at failure as painful, we will be too afraid to draw outside the lines and do things differently.

So avoid dwelling on what can go wrong and believe you have what it takes to make everything go right. You Got This!

Start Your Day On T.O.P

The Ink Journey has coined T.O.P to encourage everyone to put their (Thoughts On Paper)Something unique happens when you begin to write. Take the time to write your goals and map them out. We are on this journey together, and it is possible to live the life of your dreams.

The Ink Journey is here to help!

Despite everything we post, we know it is not always easy to change our lives. If you struggle to make the shift, you may need additional help. Perhaps it will help to speak to someone in the comfort of your own home.

It's no harm in needing a little extra support. The Link below will help get you started.


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