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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Dreams can tell you alot about your thought life. They can sometimes be a portal into a wonderful spiritual world. God used dreams to communicate with humankind all through scripture. He continues to do the same today.

The wonderful thing about dreams is that they are unique to everyone. Everyone dreams. Even those who think they don’t. Most dismiss their dreams and do not believe that they have any relevance. Some cannot remember them at all, and others have sketchy memories of images and color. Then there are those of us who dream motion pictures every night. Exciting and adventurous and sometime darn right scary illusions. What do these images and story lines represent? Do they have significance? Are they relevant?

“In an average lifetime prople spend at least six years dreaming.”

Have you ever had a dream that you know is supposed to mean something, but you simply cannot figure it out? Or you cannot remember it? That is why it is important to write them down as soon as you awaken. Capture as much as you can on paper. Let it become a routine every morning.

Your dreams are an expression of who you are. The subconscious mind is communicating with you and giving you instruction, guidance, and revelation. Dreams are a gateway into the spiritual realm, and they are important. We have the innate ability to decipher our own dreams. They are important to both our mental and spiritual health.

There are so many examples in scripture that we see God dealing with his people through dreams. Joseph is such a popular character in the bible concerning his dreams that a Broadway play was made about him and his experience. Remember Joseph was not an Egyptian, but in ancient Egypt they believed that dreams were significant and a way to gain insight into the supernatural realm. That is exactly how Joseph gained popularity because he had the ability to decipher dreams. Dreams can offer foresight, give direction, and even warn us about certain aspects of life. To ignore a dream is to ignore pieces of your own puzzle.

Whether dreams have the ability to give us insight into the supernatural or if they are just colorful images that we see at night the process of analyzing them can be difficult. Bringing clarity to your dreams might unleash power and understanding in your life. There is an enormous amount of resources to give us a good understanding of a dream. Don’t just accept superficial meanings or superstitious meanings. Dig deeper for the true meaning and relevance of your dream to your own life. I remember my own mother saying that dreaming of fish meant that someone in the family was pregnant. For weeks everyone would be looking at each other sideways. It was hilarious. She also said that to dream of teeth meant death. That just left everyone filled with fear and anxiety about dying. After a deeper look into some of these meanings, I learned that dreaming of fish was a sign of fertility and though it could mean a baby is coming, it can also mean that someone could birth a new idea or something exciting and new was possible. In addition, dreaming of teeth could represent death, but it could also mean that a dead situation would be replaced with new opportunity. Out with the old and in with the new. There are a lot of positive spins on the dreams that we have, and they are unique to each individual. So, take your time and write your dreams down daily. Then take your time and research and discover what is being revealed to you. You will find that this is a wonderful way to learn new things about yourself and your purpose. This is another new and exciting way that you can join us on "The Ink Journey".

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