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Love Letters

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Chart your course together. Write your story together and create the future of your dreams.

Be intentional about your relationship. Discover everything you need to know about each other. Elevate your intimacy to another level with pen and paper and log your love. Journals allow you to be transparent with one another. Its a no judgement zone.

Do you have a vision of your love? Do you want a keepsake to cherish forever? Write down your vision of love, believe it, manifest it, and watch it come into fruition.

Become one with each other in love. Believe in your love. Cherish your love and share your love. Become the writer of your very own fairytale. Take a look at some of our couples journals in our bookstore today!

There’s something special about dating a person intentionally. It brings faith and trust into the relationship. Dating with intention defines the love and shows that both individuals have goals for their love for each other. It is beautiful when two people love but what makes it monumental is when they both have plans for one another to build a successful relationship. Knowing the endgame is in mind for both individuals eliminates wasting time and being distracted. Be ambitious with love, understand that love is a privilege and most importantly it is a blessing. One who takes pride in love will know how to love and understands what it looks like to be in love.

Dating with purpose brings excitement. Purpose shows that there is a reason for the union. It brings structure to the relationship. If both individuals understand that they love each other they will work on their flaws and grow together. It is important to acknowledge one’s effort because it shows that they are not alone in the effort it takes to build a strong relationship foundation. Consider love and relationships like building a house. The most essential component to building a house is a stable foundation. When you view relationships as a chance to build, you consider working thoroughly on the foundation of the relationship. Believe that with effort and love you will build a stable relationship and most importantly a healthy relationship.

Dating as a millennial has changed drastically from the early decades. It has a lot of factors such as social media, dating sites and etc. The whole idea of meeting someone involves many factors that did not exist. Now that there are many distractions from the bigger picture, relationships take more effort from both parties involved. The only factor that has not changed is the ability to date intentionally and the ability to let your expectations be known. If a person is interested in you, they will respect that you know what you want from the start and will consider your thoughts and opinions to make their decision on whether or not you are worth what you’re asking for. The communication has not changed in relationships. As the old saying goes “Close mouths don’t get fed” that stands with any scenario in life but most importantly in relationships. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge how you feel and discuss that with someone you are dating. Dating is something that takes effort, it is a FULL TIME JOB. If you put in the bare minimum you will get the bare minimum. If you put in your absolute best and put in maximum time with maximum effort you will have a healthy relationship. Go out and get your love that you were destined to have. Everyone deserves that fairy tale ending.


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