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Lost in the City Granby Street Edition

Saturdays are always the best when you have time to spend with yourself or friends, most importantly it's the best day to venture out on the town and try new things, new restaurants, and new traditions. Here in Virginia, to get a true city feel, my friends and I spent the day out on Granby street

in Norfolk Virginia for a friend’s birthday. We wanted to all get dressed, put our makeup on and head out for pictures,content and good eats. Most importantly we wanted to celebrate our dear friend for his birthday!

The day started at Tap It Local, a cute friendly bar with cocktails and mocktails, i have personally been on a non-alcoholic kick this year and it's lasting so I always appreciate a bar that can cater to me and serve Non-alcoholic beverages. Our waiter was so nice and attentive and patient with our large group. We had appetizers such as fried pickles (delicious), nachos and crab dip. The dip was so good we had to order two! We still had brunch but we were getting ourselves prepared to roam around the city and chill before we ate our main course.

Once we left Tap It Local, we went down to Perry Glass Museum to take pictures, grab content and spend time with one another while we waited for our brunch at CANVAS 757! But before we get to those vibes let's jump into this museum shall we! If you’re looking for a day in the city, I have a perfect location and spot where you can dress chic and enjoy the vibes and views along the way. Allow me to introduce you to Glass Light Hotel and Gallery, it is located at 201 Granby Street, Norfolk Virginia. Its vintage ambiance along with the Perry Glass Art Collection hosted in the gallery is stunning. When you first walk in, the light of the place sets the tone for an artsy fun time that you will endure throughout your tour or stay at the hotel. Depending on the time you can start off your tour at the bar that opens at 4 pm.

There are plenty of open spaces for small gatherings to meet up and catch up prior to walking around the gallery. They also have food, and you can start by dining with friends. I highly recommend dining first as it will make it a full experience of the entire place. There are certain areas to have a quick meeting and or conversation and enjoy the scenery as you do within the gallery and hotel. This is great news for my fellow content creators as there are plenty of spaces within the hotel to take amazing pictures and have a great pop-up photo session. As the location is in a great area for city pictures, but also within the hotel there are amazing photo-op sections where you can take flicks as you tour around.

The gallery begins on the first floor and there are two levels to view the beautiful pieces of art by various artists in the glass sculpture industry. There is so much to take in when you come to Glass Light Hotel, not only is there a museum there is a bar and restaurant attached to it as well! If we did not have reservations for Canvas and went to another establishment we would have indulged but it was time to take a few pictures and head to our next spot!

CANVAS 757, full disclosure, they do not take reservations on Saturdays, but we were prepared and planned our Saturday accordingly and it allowed us time to get lost in the city. The food and drinks at CANVAS are too good to pass up so we waited as long as we needed to be seated and taken care of! The staff was very friendly and attentive. They by far have the best hookah in the city with various flavors to choose from. They came out with our drinks and food fast and it allowed all of us to vibe and chill.

The ambience of CANVAS is such a soulful vibe, with painted murals and selected art pieces that added on to our day of culture and art. We ordered brunch and I personally had the CANVAS sampler, with eggs, bacon, and red velvet waffles topped with whipped cream, and strawberries! Absolutely flavorsome and divine! This day out on the town was perfect to celebrate and check out the art of the city. Most importantly we looked fabulous doing so! I highly suggest you or you and friends go out on the town and embrace getting lost in the city. It was much needed and appreciated for our friend group and I am sure it will be needed and appreciated by yours!


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