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A Rising Creative Takes NYC

Culture Con Powered by HBO MAX

Brooklyn, New York, Saturday, October 8, I decided to embrace my creativity and align myself with fellow creatives at HBO-powered CULTURE CON! It was an absolute honor to be in the presence of creatives who are goal-setting, goal-getting, and doing so as chic as the covers of our favorite high-fashion magazines. Culture Con is the event of the year, the reunion of the creative community to join, drop gems, absorb advice, and stunt in the process. It was a beautiful moment for the culture, and most importantly, it was an experience where you learn techniques and methods to excel in your craft.

Many gems were dropped, but most importantly, it was pertinent information for the rising creative to know their worth and to walk in their confidence. Advice given to the audience of Culture Con referenced acknowledging the importance of negotiating salaries, tracking your accomplishments every year, and what to do with the money once you have reached wealth. As a working woman of color, it is important to me to be financially stable and financially literate. Understanding how to manage money is a big deal to me as I don't want to repeat the mistakes I have seen my parents make. Culture Con allowed me to obtain as much knowledge to be successful financially as I developed my career path and excelled. As a creative, rejection is customary. It can be the elephant in the room if you are creative and seeking your big break. The necessary steps towards success for experiencing creative rejection are knowing yourself, eating, sleeping, and breathing your craft. As stated in a previous post, this is YOUR DREAM! It would help if you gave it your all to see significant success.

Many creatives, writers, actors, and influencers graced the stage. Chad Sanders, a writer for Issa Rae's HBO hit show "Rap Shit," graced the stage speaking on the importance of never giving up and trusting yourself to make the right moves at the right time. Lena Waithe blessed

the stage and spoke on the value of being good in your craft and the confidence to take significant risks. Taraji P. Henson graced the stage and dropped gems. Her most influential advice for those that are taking a leap of faith and do not believe they can make their success where they are was from her father, who raised $700 for her to move out of her hometown; he said to her, "You cannot expect to fish on dry land". That was the show; that was the conference. The gems dropped were ultimately for those creatives that are risking it all to fulfill their dreams. It is essential to know who you are and what you can do. There are many opportunities! The best takeaway from Culture Con is NEVER GIVE UP! Do as much research as possible, and you will succeed in finding the best options for you.

Although the event was for creatives, it ultimately provided insight into the daily responsibilities of all adults. The topics discussed are often not. The most important issue is therapy. Therapy is essential for all people but specifically for people of color. Chad Sanders dropped gems. He spoke on the therapy industry and seeking therapists of color. It is critical to have the option to pursue a therapist of color. Representation matters! It is vital to our community; most importantly, trauma is real and should be acknowledged. As mental health day approaches, speaking on therapy and behavioral health services as much as possible in all rooms and at major events is critical.

As a first-timer, Culture Con was a special and unique experience as I prepared to speak to as many people and meet as many new people as possible. Most importantly, it was important to me to chat and seek like-minded individuals who believe in their craft and are soaring. Culture Con was the place to seek creatives and build a tribe. There were many lessons to take back and indulge in. There will undoubtedly be new strategies implemented in my craft as a creator. I made sure to step outside my comfort zone and hand out business cards to all who would listen to me. I was not coming to play. I rubbed elbows with FuseTV and more favorite pioneers in the industry. Culture Con was a radiant experience, a creative need to indulge in conventions such as Culture Con to network and converse as much as possible.

After this exquisite event, I wanted to continue the vibes. I wanted to dance the night away and, most importantly, to be around a community that brings the best aesthetics and ambiance. What other way to absorb that energy than to go to a FUN WITH FRIENDS AFTER DARK SERIES?

Fun with Friends

New York has a way to prompt "M.C.E.", MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY! Saturday night, Li Morales, also known as Li, the Writer, was outside! I had been planning fits, hairstyles, and my days for several months leading to this past weekend in New York. If you're going to the city, you must come correct, and that's precisely why I wanted to support the Fun with Friends after-dark series, as the trip to New York, specifically Brooklyn, is not complete without fun with friends!

To describe the posh event for the chic, it is a community of friends providing the vibes by keeping all friends in mind and catering to diversity and inclusion, providing a comfortable environment where you are free to be yourself. The friends did not come to play, as the stylish fashions graced the venue were versatile, unique, exclusive, and, most importantly, superb. To describe the experience as creative, imagine feeling your most confident, most stylish, most impressionable self and dancing the night away with people who match your energy. If you're interested in having a taste of this experience, I suggest you head over to Fun with Friends Instagram @fwfnyc to purchase tickets the next time you are in New York City!

Fun with Friends fills Brooklyn with unmatched vibes. In the heart of Brooklyn, the ambiance sets the scene for the epic time. I've been attending the F.W.F. parties since 2017 and have been hooked since day 1. The most inclusive experience I have had at a party ever. It is the perfect way to get used to Brooklyn and have a great experience. The D.J.s set the party's tone by providing many genres to get you on your feet and dance the night away. Genres ranging in house, dancehall, amapiano, and much more give you what you need every time!

You get a taste of culture when you pull up to the Fun with Friends events. The venue spaces are always chosen with impeccable taste keeping friends in mind. The venue spaces range from various warehouses and rooftop spaces, providing enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves without being tight on area. Our Fun with Friends Crew is expanding its brand as they traveled to D.C. this past May for Broccoli fest, bringing Brooklyn to the Chocolate City. After our Fun with Friends Crew, I felt terrible for the D.J.s after the crew, as F.W.F set the bar high per usual. The team has also brought the east coast vibe to the west coast as they brought the series to Los Angeles! All partygoers can experience the extraordinary events, and you do not want to miss your chance to join an alliance with Fun with Friends!

Fun with Friends Testimonial

I had the pleasure of doing what I do best and interviewing the partygoers. I asked for I.G., where they were from, and what Fun with Friends parties mean to them!

@adultingwithcourtnee from Cape Cod, MA "Love F.W.F., because its always a vibe! The people, the music, the energy-its immaculate, beautiful, vibrant energy. Everyone is having fun with their frennnssss"

@itsmececilb from Detroit

"Love F.W.F., because it's inclusive. Always great vibes and energy"

@marioerestepo Bushwick "feeling lovely with great company, there's about 30 of us in here"

@drewcreates247 Brooklyn "Feels like home"

@jamalkgeorge Brooklyn by the way of Trinidad. "F.W.F. the greatest joy. building community and watching folks have F.U.N. gives me LIFE!"

@cool_kid_dev "Comfortable, like I've been here before! It's a vibe"

@thekingcollins Boston

"First time, it's a calm vibe here. Warm, inviting, welcoming"

@binkswhobutme Brooklyn/Bronx "I feel safe, with family, free to be myself, starting my birthday celebration" Happy birthday, as her birthday is today, OCTOBER 11!


These moments were just a few. You cannot always experience vibes as superb as F.W.F, especially during these difficult times to find vibes and a community that feels authentic. Fun with Friends provides an experience that makes you feel at home. Those days of partying in the basement have expanded to partying with the F.W.F. crew and making all feel included, safe, and seen! This party is not one to miss, as it is stamped by the organizers, friends, and fans!

Brooklyn owes me nothing because I felt more comfortable as a creative this past weekend. I now feel capable of doing what I need to do to succeed. I believe in us; I believe in you, and most importantly, I believe in community!


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