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A Night Out

It was a special night, October 29th, 2021, in the city of Virginia Beach. After catching up with family and friends over dinner at the yard house, we attended a comedy show. Before the show, I hadn't heard of the headliner, but my cousin shared that he was a clean comedian. Where's the fun in that? I thought to myself. As we walked and talked to the venue, I saw all the billboards showing the show's sponsorship. The name is PIN, also known as People in Need. I had no idea who they were, but I figured they help people in need? Right! As we found our seats, I began to realize that this was, in fact, a benefit show. As the show started, they started off by asking for donations. Immediately my mood changed, it wasn't that I didn't want to help those in need, but I was not prepared. They began the show with a host of videos to educate the audience on who PIN is in the community. Once the videos started, I learned that PIN contributes to the community by providing shelter, food, and clothes to the homeless. They are assisting those in need by providing the essentials they have invested in building a community that offers medical attention, behavioral services, and much more. I am new to the town and thought I was just going to dinner to catch up with friends and family, but it became much more and definitely inspirational.

As the night progressed, I realized that this night of catching up became magical. As the event started, I thought I was attending a comedy show, but it became so much more by seeing how PIN helped the community during the pandemic. Of course, donations are scarce due to the rough year of 2020, as we all experienced social isolation and were locked inside our homes. I began to realize how truly fortunate I was to have shelter, food and clothes, and access to healthcare. I have so much gratitude for the things I took for granted and this event in itself showed me that I can still believe in humankind. As I struggled with depression during the pandemic, I thought that I had it wrong, but I really did not know of those that did not have access to therapy or food during the global health crisis.

I found that the comedy show was an event I needed to attend because it indicated how blessed I was during what I felt was my darkest time. I found this to be a divine connection to this event and felt as if it was my purpose that I attended this event. I have grown tremendously during the last year, and I have begun to transition into a woman I can be proud of, and my family can be proud of. I found that this was a moment of clarity for me out of a night of entertainment. It's funny how life works, meaning that this was something I agreed to do because it was clean and wholesome fun. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a new comedy style out, and not only that, but I was blessed during this event that I did not do enough research prior, but I am glad I did not because it was a pleasant surprise.

The headliner for the night was Michael Jr, who I now know is hilarious and a clean comic. Before attending the event, I did not have enough information about him, so I was genuinely inspired by his own story of becoming a comedian and how it led him to Christ. If you're as clueless as I was coming to see the comedian, I suggest you look him up, but of course, I got your back. I'll drop the link below. Anyway, I consider myself very spiritual, and I have similar views that Michael had. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that's exactly what the night was about. Michael does excellent comedy, but he uses his gift to raise funding to provide the less fortunate with what they need.

When the show was over, I felt as if the night was filled with magical moments and, of course, laughs. I was genuinely inspired and happy that people were trying to help others during troubling times. I wanted to share this article with those that are struggling to understand their own purpose. Always remember that you can overcome your struggles and help those during their time of need. I want to also remind us all to be kind to one another and love one another. You have to keep your Peace and understand that those around us might not have similar views or perspectives during the current times. Influence those that need clarity to do their best. When you can, help others. I am now making sure that I do things to assist others and continue to spread kindness and love because it is truly needed at this moment in time.

Peace and Blessings,

Li Morales


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