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757 Eats - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Updated: Mar 6, 2021


BREAKFAST: My Favorite Place!

Bay Local: I totally love this place. Been to Bay Local several times and it is a wonderful place to eat breakfast or just do brunch. You can even celebrate a special occasion or meet clients. The Mamosas are amazing and they even have a breakfast shot called "The Fruitloop." Had so much fun there and the customer service is exceptional. The food is off the charts and you absolutely can't eat there without having "The Banging Balls". OMG!!! Delicious. I love, love. love this place.

LUNCH: My Favorite Lunch Place!

Tulu: I'm Such A Fan. I love Tulu so much because it's oceanfront and I don't have to actually stay at the Marriott in order to enjoy its amazing restaurant. This Marriot is new on the scene but is getting a lot of attention because of the Tulu atmosphere. Family and friends coming to visit me here at the beach, love to stay and dine at this seaside delight. Grabbing a quick bite is easy and the staff makes us feel like family. You simply must try the Bread Pudding for dessert. Its truly Delicious!

DINNER: Twisted at The Twisted Crab!

Twisted Crab: Drinks and Crab legs always go good together. You haven't had seafood until you have had a boil bag from Twisted Crab. The cocktails are awesome and even during covid, it has been consistent with following the sanitation requirements and still making us feel welcome and right at home.


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