About Us

The Ink Journey was created to shine a light and focus on creatives. This is a place to connect and share.  Everyone is living out their own story and each story is worthy of an audience. Whether you’re writing a book, creating poetry, producing film or even in the music industry, The Ink journey wants to encourage and inspire you.  We want to shine a light on your aspirations and accomplishments. If you are an entrepreneur we want to hear about what you are doing.

Email us at:bernadettelashan@theinkjourney.com

Bernadette Lashan

Bernadette Lashan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Ink Journey.  Bernadette’s vision was to create a one stop shop for up-and-coming authors that needed help telling their story.  So many people have a story to tell but don’t know how to get started.  The Ink Journey provides a service to coach writers through this process.  The program encompasses Book Coaching, Ghost writing, Editing, and formatting, along with cover creation.  We also assist in the Amazon uploading process and also help with additional marketing and promotion.

Li Morales

Li Morales is the Co-Founder of The Ink Journey.  She has a passion for history, storytelling and writing.  Li received her undergraduate in History from Chowan University located in North Carolina and her MBA from Ashford University and is currently a Doctoral student at Liberty University.  Her creative writing with an urban flare is featured in the online magazine Illesthetic.  Li also has her own line of journals, coloring books and more.  She is also an avid learner and offers assistance to students struggling to keep up with their assignments.  If you need help email her at: