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Learn How To Create A Vision Board That Works

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What We Believe

We at "The Ink Journey" believe that we can accomplish anything once we have a vision.  We have seen firsthand how being intentional about our Goals and Dreams can change the course and direction of our lives.


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Words Create

When ink strikes paper, something amazing happens. Writing a book, creating poetry, and producing a film or music is all part of our ability to be creative.


Journal writing ignites the creative process. Writing is also the beginning of the healing process. It has been said that writing is therapeutic and can sometimes relieve stress and anxiety. 


Journaling is mentally cleansing and helps us get clear and become more authentic. It also allows us to be completely present in our day-to-day lives.


Everyone is living out their own story, and we hope you will join us on this fantastic journey as we attempt to create and recreate ourselves and our lives one word at a time.

Planning & Productivity

The Ink Journey is dedicated to providing Journals, Planners, Courses, and other tools to assist in living with intention and purpose.


Life is so much easier when there is a plan in place. We encourage everyone to journal daily and set attainable goals. The next step is to devise a plan and strategy to accomplish each goal.


Planners and journals help us to be productive and organized. When things are in order, it allows us to have clarity and stay focused.


We at "The Ink Journey" encourage the use of journals and planners as tools to create a life of purpose and passion.  

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Check Out Our Blog

We invite you to join our writers', collaborators, photographers, and content creators who share wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration on The Ink Journey blog.  The blog post and videos inspire everyone to write their vision and plan their future.  Here at the Ink Journey, we believe that words have power and words create.  We aspire to use our words to inspire and encourage.  Let's take this amazing journey together!

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